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The source for all five major parts of Janos are available for download. For some projects, read-only access to the CVS repository is also available.
  • The Bees EE.
    Bees is an evolution of the ANTS active network execution environment. The current release is 0.5.0 (December 24, 2002).
  • The ANTS2.0 EE.
    ANTS is a Java-based toolkit for constructing an active network and its applications. The current release is 2.0.3 (March 17, 2002).
  • The Janos Java NodeOS.
    The Janos Java NodeOS (or 'jnodeos') is a Java implementation of the NodeOS API. The current release is v1.2.0 (March 17, 2002).
  • The JanosVM.
    The JanosVM is a customized Java Virtual Machine that supports a strong resource control model. The current release is v0.8.0 (July 31, 2002).
  • Moab: the Utah NodeOS.
    Moab is an OSKit-based native implementation of the NodeOS API. The most current release is snapshot 20020317 (Mar 17, 2002).
  • OSKit.
    The OSKit is a separately-maintained project here in the Flux group.

    This patch moves some of the OSKit console code around so that the JanosVM can start up if its compiled against Moab and the OSKit. However, all the existing OSKit example programs will fail to link if you apply this patch (Adding '-loskit_kern -loskit_c' to the link line should fix those problems.) This is just a temporary fix until we can fix the OSKit proper.

In addition, we have a couple of active network support and infrastructure projects.
  • Janos Meta-Makefiles.
    The Janos Meta-Makefiles is a collection of makefiles and tools that can assist the configuration, compilation, and installation of the various Janos components. The most current release is snapshot 20020317 (Mar 17, 2002).
  • createnetwork scripts.
    Simple scripts for creating simple "networks" of ANTS nodes, setting them up, querying them, and tearing them down.
  • ANEP-enabled tcpdump.
    Based on LBL's tcpdump v3.4.
  • Kaffe-related improvements and changes.
    The majority of our Kaffe-related work is incorporated directly into the public Kaffe source tree. Additionally, we host Kaffe's nightly regression tests, and send a status report to our Kaffe nightly tests mailing list.
We have several mailing lists for discussion about all aspects of Janos.

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