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There are a number of other related projects from Active Networks, Java operating systems, resource management, networking infrastructure to Java compilation and support.

This page is also under construction.

Active Networks:
There are a number of research projects looking at various parts of the Active Networking space. MIT's ANTS was one of the first such projects. UPenn's SwitchWare encompasses a number of projects from the OS up to active networking programming languages, U.C.L.A.'s Panda is an example of an active protocol. We worked with UCLA (for the Active Network Team Demos) to make Panda run on Janos. Two other "NodeOS" projects are Princeton/Arizona's Scout OS and TIS's "AMP", based on the Exokernel. (Links to follow.) Gatech has a NodeOS layer that runs on Unix. The Rochester Institute of Technology is also interested in developing a NodeOS for network processors and they have some documentation for ANTS. There are a number of other projects, we just haven't had time right now to write about them...

Java Operating Systems:
We're leveraging our earlier work in Java operating systems: Alta and KaffeOS. Work like the J-Kernel (and their as-yet-unannounced followup) have also strongly influenced our designs. The OSF/Open Group Research Institute (RIP) also did work on resource management in Java (links to come).

Resource Management:
A number of operating system projects have emphasized resource management, both in the context of providing Quality-of-Service (QoS) guarentees for real-time applications (Rialto, Eclipse, Nemesis), and for providing fairness and protection among applications in a server environment (Resource Containers). Both areas are important in our Janos work. (Others: J-Res, JSEAL2, ...)

Flask, SwitchWare's SANE project, SANTS, Security in the NodeOS, etc.

Networking Infrastructure:
The Flux Network Testbed, Active Servers, etc.

Java Compilation and Support:
Kaffe, GCJ, JSA, Jiazzi, Knit, Alchemy, etc.

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