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We have made read-only versions of the "live" ANTS and Janos Java NodeOS (jnodeos) CVS repositories available to any and all. Use the name anoncvs to log into our machine (via ssh) and checkout an available repository ('ants' or 'jnodeos'). Like this:

  % setenv CVS_RSH ssh
  % cvs -d checkout ants
  % cvs -d checkout jnodeos

(If you are using an older version of CVS, you may have to 'cvs -d login' first. There is no password.)

Interesting CVS Tags

For the 'ants' repository, the tag release-2_0_0 can be used to get the Feb 14th release of ANTSv2.0.0.

The Janos Java NodeOS v1.1.5 is tagged snapshot-1_1_5-20010212 in the jnodeos tree.

Related email lists

To keep up with the changes that we make, we have also opened the email lists for CVS commit logs and nightly test results. Each commit to either repository generates a simple email with the change description. Additionally, our nightly regression tests generate a summary email. We will eventually be able to support remote write access to the ants and jnodeos repositories.

Signing up for the CVS or nightly test email for ANTS or jnodeos is currently a manual process. To sign up, please send mail to:

Bugs or problems

If you have any problems accessing the CVS repository, or encounter any bugs, please send mail to the list.

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Last updated April 30, 2004.