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The Janos Java NodeOS is an implementation of the NodeOS API in Java. The Janos Java NodeOS should allow a Java-based EE author to build a NodeOS-compliant EE, and run it on a regular JVM or on the JanosVM. ANTS2 is an example of an EE written to the Java NodeOS API.

CVS access:

Access to the "live" CVS repository for the Janos Java NodeOS is available. See the CVS instructions for details.

Current snapshot:

Janos Java NodeOS v1.2.0. Read the README.

This release includes the following enhancements over the last release (v1.1.5, from Feb 14, 2001):

  • Optimizations for the pure java version.
  • New routing table implementation.
  • Updates for changes in the NodeOS Spec.
  • Updates for changes in the JanosVM.
  • Support for UDP multicast in pure java channels.
  • Many bug fixes and improvements.
  • Current documentation:

    • The ``Janos Java NodeOS Programming Manual,'' which describes the Java binding of the NodeOS interface. Available in Postscript and HTML formats. (Note that both are included in the source snapshot.)
    • Javadoc documentation generated from the source. Again, this documentation is included in the source distribution.

    Previous snapshots:

    Note that as of version 1.1.5 the JNodeOS and ANTS2.0 are distributed separately. In previous version, the JNodeOS and ANTSR were distributed in the same snapshot, called the "Janos Java Libraries".

    If you would like a diff between any two snapshots just let us know.

    NOTE: What we were calling ``Janos'' snapshots are now called ``Janos Java Libraries'' snapshots. Janos is the whole system: Moab, the JanosVM and ANTSR.

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