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createnetwork is a python script that takes a description of a virtual ANTS network and creates a suite of scripts for starting up, shutting down, and querying the processes necessary to implement the network. The virtual ANTS network is explicitly mapped to a set of physical nodes on a network. The virtual network topology is completely independent of the physical toplogy.

The generated scripts make a several of assumptions that can probably be fixed if your situation is different.

  1. All the generated scripts assume the same directories are visible on all of the host machines. (E.g., an NFS-mounted home directory).
  2. In a couple places they assume that you are using Kaffe as your JVM (specifically when checking the sanity of the network).
  3. The scripts expect the 'ps' output to be in a specific form.
  4. The scripts assume that ANTS should be run on each node.
  5. The scripts use the program 'lsof' to find out what processes are listening on the required ports. There may be some other dependencies. Please let us know if you have any problems or make changes for your system.
You can also look to the (almost) well-commented implementation in You MUST EDIT 'createnetwork' and ''. You will PROBABLY have to edit ''. We hope you find these scripts useful, but be aware that they will probably need work to be useful on different systems from our own.

Download createnetwork-0_0_2.tar.gz. This is the first public release so it probably has some bugs.

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