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Moab is an implementation of the NodeOS API in C. Although targeted specifically to run on the OSKit, Moab also runs on Unix-like environments (Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD) making it more amenable to testing, debugging and use on ``end systems'' in an active network environment.

Note that our snapshots are still preliminary. We are making this code available now to give people an idea of where we are headed and hopefully to generate feedback about what a NodeOS ought to be.

Current snapshot:

Moab snapshot 20020317.
Read the announcement or the README.


A local copy of the NodeOS Interface Specification (draft). Also available from the NodeOS Spec home. (Note that a copy of the spec is included in the snapshot).
A paper describing the NodeOS interface and three implementations (including Moab) is available as

Previous snapshots:

Moab snapshot 20010214.
Moab snapshot 20000905.
Moab snapshot 20000523.
Moab snapshot 20000214.
Moab snapshot 19991210.

If you would like a diff between any two snapshots just let us know.

NOTE: Moab used to be called 'The Utah NodeOS'. It was re-named in late April `00.

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