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The Janos Virtual Machine (JanosVM) is a virtual machine for executing Java bytecodes. Unlike any available virtual machine, the JanosVM supports multiple, separate processes (called "teams" in JanosVM) within a single VM. Based on KaffeOS (and thus Kaffe), the JanosVM supports per-team separate heaps, per-team garbage collection threads, inter-team thread migration, safe cross-team reference objects, and a spiffy tutorial. Designed to support asynchronous termination of uncooperative or malicious Java bytecode applications, the JanosVM provides robust and scalable multi-process support within a single virtual machine.

For more information on this version of the JanosVM, browse the v1.0 ANNOUNCE, README, RELEASE-NOTES, and Manual.

NOTE: If you want to use the JanosVM with any of the other Janos components (OSKit, Moab, Janos Java NodeOS, or ANTSR) you should download the Janos Meta-Makefiles, they should make the task a bit easier. If you have any questions please contact the janos-discuss mailing list.

JanosVM Source

Includes the JanosVM source, JanosVM Emulation Library source, the JanosVM Manual, Tutorial, and the javadoc for the public Java API (download janosvm-1.0a.tar.gz). (Version 1.0a only has a minor documentation tweak from version 1.0)

JanosVM Manual

The Manual includes the Tutorial, an overview of the features of the JanosVM, and the public javadoc APIs (browse or download janosvm-1.0-manual.tar.gz).

JanosVM Private API Documentation

The private API of the JanosVM Java libraries. This is just the javadoc of the JanosVM Java libraries, but it includes documentation for all protected, package-access, and private members of the libraries (browse or download janosvm-1.0-apidoc-private.tar.gz).

JanosVM Emulation Library Source

The JanosVM Emulation Library allows JanosVM-aware applications to run on standard JVMs. This library provides all the interfaces that the janosvm libraries provide, but this library does not use any native methods or any non-standard APIs. It also doesn't provide any useful functionality. It serves very well, however, for running JanosVM-specific applications on regular JVMs (download janosvm-1.0-emulib-source.tar.gz).

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