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The Janos Java libraries contain two major parts:
  • The Janos Java NodeOS: an implementation of the NodeOS API in standard Java.
  • ANTSR: our extended version of the ANTS runtime that takes advantage of the NodeOS API and that facilitates precise resource control. The exported API is essentially compatible with traditional ANTS.
The Janos Java NodeOS should allow a Java-based EE author to build a NodeOS-compliant EE, and run it on a regular JVM or on the JanosVM. ANTSR is an example of an EE written to the Java NodeOS.

Current snapshot:

Janos Java Libraries v1.1.0 (a.k.a. snapshot 20000905). Read the README for this snapshot, or, if you're already a Janos user, check out the ChangeLog from this latest release.


  • The ``Janos Component Manual,'' which describes ANTSR and the Java binding of the NodeOS interface. Available in Postscript and HTML formats. (Note that both are included in the snapshot.)
  • Javadoc documentation generated from the source. Also available for download.

Previous snapshots:

  • Janos Java Libraries v1.0.2 (a.k.a. snapshot 20000503). You can browse the v1.0.2 documentation.
  • Janos Java Libraries v1.0.0 (a.k.a. snapshot 20000214). You can browse the 20000214 javadoc.
  • Janos Java Libraries 991105 snapshot. You can browse the 991105 javadoc.
  • Janos Java Libraries 991004 snapshot. Two patches for 991004 can be found in the patch directory.
  • The first release: Janos Java Libraries 990923 snapshot.
  • Our circa-1998 first round changes to ANTS 1.2.
  • If you would like a diff between any two snapshots just let us know.

    NOTE: What we were calling ``Janos'' snapshots are now called ``Janos Java Libraries'' snapshots. Janos is the whole system: Moab, the JanosVM and ANTSR.

    NOTE 2: the Janos Java Libraries do not (yet) take advantage of Moab or the JanosVM. We are working on integrating both projects.

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