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Re: v200 and SLIB

At Tue, 02 Apr 2002 13:32:43 -0600, Bill Wood wrote:
> Has anyone had success hooking in the SLIB library into v.200? 

I had it working once.

> but '(require (lib "load.ss" "slibinit"))' only worked
> after exporting SCHEME_LIBRARY_PATH

Or you can install the "slib" directory in plt/collects.

>.  Unfortunately, after mzscheme came 
> up quietly and the require form above seemed to work, when I tried
> '(require "factor.scm") I got the error message
>    call-with-output-file: cannot open output file:
> "/usr/local/plt-200alpha12/slibcat" (Permission denied; errno=13)
> which indicates slib is looking where it shouldn't.

I guess I need to expand the SLIB installation instructions in Help
Desk. From the SLIB README:

   When SLIB is first used from an implementation, a file named
 `slibcat' is written to the `implementation-vicinity' for that
 implementation.  Because users may lack permission to write in
 `implementation-vicinity', it is good practice to build the new catalog
 when installing SLIB.

MzScheme sets `implementation-vicinity' to point to PLTHOME, which is
apparently not writeable in your case. I guess the right thing to do is
to run the SLIB command

     (require 'new-catalog)

as part of the installation process, and also to point
`implementation-vicinity' as the SLIb directory instead of PLTHOME.