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RE: Documentation

I've just setup the download server so that the documentation .plt files
can be browsed.

For documentation accompanying a release, the files are in


So, to get the MzScheme manual for 200alpha12, go to


To get the current CVS version, the files are in


Hope this helps.

-- Paul

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> Subject: Documentation
> Sorry for my laziness, I might probably find it myself, but with
> the changes of all PLT sites I couldn't do it *easily*.
> How to get the .plt documentation off-line? Where are the bundles?
> The Help Desk can find them when there are uninstalled manuals, but
> I have here installed all, now I want to load them again without
> unpacking, for some of my dearest students, who don't have Internet
> at home.
> Jerzy Karczmarczuk