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Re: Building PLTs

At Tue, 26 Mar 2002 21:13:05 -0500 (EST), "Matt 'LEGO Guy' Jadud" wrote:
> 	What is the right way to extract these from my filesystem, bundle
> them into a PLT, and know that someone else will then be able to install
> them safely?

Generally, the answer is: mzc with --plt or --collection-plt.

> 	I have two files, one in each of two collections, that I'd like to
> bundle as a PLT. One would get dropped into the web-server collection, and
> one into the eopl collection.

Put the files in place in your tree, then

 % cd ....plt
 % mzc --plt stuff.plt --at-plt
       collects/web-server/stuff.ss collects/eopl/stuff.ss

where each "stuff" is replaced by the right name.

To ensure that Setup PLT is re-run on the "web-server" and "eopl"
collections, you need two more flags:

 % mzc --plt stuff.plt --at-plt ++setup web-server ++setup eopl
       collects/web-server/stuff.ss collects/eopl/stuff.ss

See also Chapter 6 in the mzc manual:


Note that it's easier to bundle a whole collection, as opposed to files
dstributed among existing collections. To bundle a "stuff" collection,
it's just

  mzc --collection-plt stuff.plt stuff

In other words, the --at-plt and ++setup flags are implicit.

> 	Not knowing how to simply and reliably bundle PLT Scheme code for
> sharing with others has been a stumbling block for me time and again.

It's been a problem for many people in 103, but I'm hoping that the
"--plt" and "--collection-plt" interface to mzc in v200 helps.

A GUI version of the interface should appear in DrScheme at some point.