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Building PLTs


	I have decided against being unhygenic, from the previous thread.
Now, I have another question:

	I have two files, one in each of two collections, that I'd like to
bundle as a PLT. One would get dropped into the web-server collection, and
one into the eopl collection.

	What is the right way to extract these from my filesystem, bundle
them into a PLT, and know that someone else will then be able to install
them safely? Once I learn how (correctly), is this something that I should
(or can) write a tool for, and document so others can easily do the same?

	Not knowing how to simply and reliably bundle PLT Scheme code for
sharing with others has been a stumbling block for me time and again. I'd
like to eliminate that confusion, and if it is a problem others have, help
fix it at the root.


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