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Re: scsh in PLT Scheme?

--- Paul Steckler <steck@ccs.neu.edu> wrote:
> So before we embark on that course, let me poll the
> PLT audience: 
>   - do you currently use scsh?	


>   - what features of scsh do you use?

Text processing (awk etc.), process control

>   - what features of scsh do you consider
> indispensable?

The above

>   - what features of scsh do you consider
> peripheral?

The rest. 

>   - would you find scsh-under-PLT-Scheme useful?

Yes, it's a pain going Scheme48 <---> MzScheme

>   - would you use a PLT scsh-oid that implemented
> some, but not all of
> scsh?


>  - string manipulations (Ch. 5)
>  - regexps (Ch. 6)
>  - AWK-in-Scheme (Ch. 8)

My fellow Schematicians have ported SRFI 13 and 14 to
PLT Scheme (CVS, srfi/) which puts you a long way
towards supporting the text processing stuff.  There
is also a semi-port of some of the text processing
stuff (CVS, data/).  The main funkiness is the
Scheme48 macros (let-optional, receive) that are used
extensively in the code.  We have implementations of
them (srfi/optional.ss) but it is probably more
efficient to replace them with their PLT equivalents
(case-lambda etc.)


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