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Re: Building PLTs

--- Matt 'LEGO Guy' Jadud <mjadud@cs.indiana.edu>
> 	What is the right way to extract these from my
> filesystem, bundle
> them into a PLT, and know that someone else will
> then be able to install
> them safely? Once I learn how (correctly), is this
> something that I should
> (or can) write a tool for, and document so others
> can easily do the same?

There is an option to mzc (--build-collection?) that
does what you want.  It would be _really_ helpful to
have a tool that made this process easier (and ideally
it would integrate with DrScheme's project
functionality, should this be resurrected).  A major
annoyance @ Schematics is jumping through all the
hoops required to release code, which is probably why
our SRFI implementations are still languishing in CVS
without a release.

I started on a tool, imaginatively title SchemeForge,
to do the above.  In addition to a better name it
needs a lot of work to actually implement the desired
functionality.  I've attached a tarball of my work so
far.  As you'll see I haven't done much.


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