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Re: scsh in PLT Scheme?

Paul Steckler schrieb:
> The scsh FAQ
> (http://www-internal.alphanet.ch/~schinz/scsh-faq/scsh-faq.html)
> suggests that PLT Scheme (MzScheme) would be a suitable target for a
> scsh port.  It also suggests that such a task would be "certainly hard."
> After scanning the scsh sources, I agree that it would be difficult to
> do.
> So before we embark on that course, let me poll the PLT audience:
>   - do you currently use scsh?

yes. I find scsh's simple syntax easier to grok than the MzScheme extensions.
I miss readline and an editor for scsh. my cygwin xemacs on win2000 fails 
"randomly" in ilisp.

>   - what features of scsh do you use?
>   - what features of scsh do you consider indispensable?
>   - what features of scsh do you consider peripheral?
>   - would you find scsh-under-PLT-Scheme useful?


>   - would you use a PLT scsh-oid that implemented some, but not all of
>     scsh?

hmm. why not.
Reini Urban