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Re: scsh in PLT Scheme?

Lo, on Tuesday, March 26, Robert Bruce Findler did write:

> At 8:37 PM -0600 3/26/02, Richard Cobbe wrote:
> >This is probably off-topic, but I will mention one thing that I really
> >like about scsh, or rather Scheme48: some of the features of the module
> >system make unit-testing much easier.  In particular, at the REPL you
> >can `switch your perspective,' if you will, into a particular module.
> >Once you've done this, you have access to *all* of the module's
> >definitions, including those that are not exported.  This is obviously
> >not something you want to do in a running program, but it does make
> >unit-testing the module easier, as you can test the module-private
> >functions directly.
> The `module' language in DrScheme achieves some of this 
> functionality. You cannot switch views in a single program, but if 
> you Execute a module the REPL is "inside" the module -- that is, all 
> of the bindings available at the top-level of that module are 
> available in the REPL.

Good, I'm glad to hear that.  As I said in my original post, I haven't
really played around with DrScheme since version 102 or 103.  Matthias
suggested in a private mail that I check out 200alpha's module system,
and I hope to take advantage of the upcoming 3-day weekend to do just