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Re: New windows version of DrScheme? Please.

> Quoting =?iso-8859-1?Q?Jens_Axel_S=F8gaard?=:
> > But - what is it, that makes the compilation of MrEd break when
> > compiling with gcc or Borland? Is it the makefiles?
> Yes, mainly the makefiles. I'm sure there are other problems, too, such
> as including the right headers and using the right names for certain
> functions (e.g., `getenv' versus `_getenv').

I guess I have a chance.

> Supporting multiple Windows compilers for MzScheme has been painful, to
> put it mildly, and the results are not great. For example, the MzScheme
> DLLs that you get from a Borland build are not compatible with the MSVC
> DLLs, because an extra underscore appears in front of every exported
> name.

That's worse. 

Hmm. Perhaps I should try to get the five year old Microsoft C++ cd my
brother recalls having (some where).

> In any case, I'll happily accept contributed makefiles and patches to
> make MrEd work with other compilers.

I might give it go (but not until another vacation :-) ).

Jens Axel