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Re: New windows version of DrScheme? Please.

Quoting =?iso-8859-1?Q?Jens_Axel_S=F8gaard?=:
> But - what is it, that makes the compilation of MrEd break when
> compiling with gcc or Borland? Is it the makefiles?

Yes, mainly the makefiles. I'm sure there are other problems, too, such
as including the right headers and using the right names for certain
functions (e.g., `getenv' versus `_getenv').

Supporting multiple Windows compilers for MzScheme has been painful, to
put it mildly, and the results are not great. For example, the MzScheme
DLLs that you get from a Borland build are not compatible with the MSVC
DLLs, because an extra underscore appears in front of every exported

In any case, I'll happily accept contributed makefiles and patches to
make MrEd work with other compilers.