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New windows version of DrScheme? Please.

The last couple of days I have played with the
web server in version 200alpha9. It is very nice
to work with. I plan to use it to make www.scheme.dk.

However, I use Windows XP (to develop) and by now
I'm pretty annoyed about the 100% cpu utilization bug.
I understand the error is corrected in MrEd, thus
I would like a new version of DrScheme too.

I would have compiled it my self, but found out
that only mzscheme compiles with gcc and borland.
I don't have the Microsoft compiler, thus I
would be very pleased if someone would compile the
200alpha11 version of DrScheme.


What breaks in DrScheme if you use gcc or Borland?
Is it simply the makefiles that are not upto-date,
or is it something more difficult?

Jens Axel Søgaard