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Re: New windows version of DrScheme? Please.

Hi All

> > The last couple of days I have played with the
> > web server in version 200alpha9. It is very nice
> > to work with. I plan to use it to make www.scheme.dk.

> That's awesome!  I believe the www.readscheme.org site (unaffiliated
> with PLT) also uses the PLT server.

I have decided to wait to go public until my translation of the R5RS
to Danish is finished. I'm proof reading at the moment,
so (fingers crossed) it won't take long.

> > I don't have the Microsoft compiler, thus I
> > would be very pleased if someone would compile the
> > 200alpha11 version of DrScheme.
> Actually, alpha12 is out in pre-compiled form.  You can get it from
>   http://download.plt-scheme.org/

I know (red ears).

My fault. I was on a vacation for a week (hence the time to
play with the PLT server), and the actual delivery of my e-mails
was first made tonight, when the laptop was put on my home network.
The message was written a day (or two) before the release of alhpa12.

But - what is it, that makes the compilation of MrEd break when compiling
gcc or Borland? Is it the makefiles?


I have made the beginnings of an extension for ImageMagick.
Thanks to Matthew's excellent documentation, it wasn't that hard to do.
(Although I have ignored issues of garbage collection so far :-) ).
It is able to read and write bitmap images in all sorts of formats
(png, jpeg, bmp, ps, ... ). The only operation supported sofar is scaling.
This works under Linux.

My plan is now to make routines converts ImageMagick's bitmaps
to MrEd's bitmap%. For this to work under windows I need to be able
to compile MrEd (At least I think so).

( I wanted to make a puzzle, but DrScheme didn't support png - so I got
  sort of distracted. Besides, it was more fun to look at extensions than
  writing a puzzle. )

Jens Axel