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Re: SchemeQL problem

> Try schemeql out of CVS.
> (I'm the reason the problem is a known one.)

Thanks, will do. I think I found the source of my original problem. If I do
the following I get the same error as I reported with SchemeQL:

 (require (lib "srpersist.ss" "srpersist"))
 (alloc-handle 'sql-handle-dbc (alloc-handle 'sql-handle-env))
=> Unspecified error in alloc-handle

Reading the ODBC documentation a bit I found calling set-env-attr on an henv
first can resolve the problem in my case:

 (require (lib "srpersist.ss" "srpersist"))
 (define x (alloc-handle 'sql-handle-env))
 (set-env-attr x 'sql-attr-odbc-version 'sql-ov-odbc3)
 (alloc-handle 'sql-handle-dbc x)
=> #<sql-hdbc>

Does SchemeQL need to do this set-env-attr for me, or is there some way of
me enabling it to do that?

The notes from the help desk on srpersist say:

"Before using `alloc-handle' to create a connection handle, you may
 need to call `set-env-attr' with 'sql-attr-odbc-version and
'sql-ov-odbc3 as arguments."