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Re: SchemeQL problem

> What ODBC driver are you using?

I'm using the Sybase SQL Anywhere ODBC driver version 7.0.

> is there any driver manager in the middle?

The Windows ODBC driver manager I guess. That is 3.51.

The following works correctly:

  (alloc-handle 'sql-handle-env)

But this fails:

  (alloc-handle 'sql-handle-dbc henv)

Where the 'henv' is a handle allocated by (alloc-handle 'sql-handle'env).

> Could you please try this:
> (require (lib "schemeql.ss" "schemeql"))
> (sister-ver 2.5) ;; (sister-ver) must return 3.51, I guess.

Running this I get 'reference to undefined identifier sister-ver'. It's not
exported from the module? 'compiled-odbc-version' from 'srpersist' is
definitely 3.51.

I'll try compiling srpersist with a lower ODBCVER and see what happens. I'll
let you know how it goes and thanks for the help.