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Re: SchemeQL problem

"Chris Double" <chris@double.co.nz> writes:


> Does SchemeQL need to do this set-env-attr for me, or is there some way of
> me enabling it to do that?

SchemeQL should do it for you, I think.  Actually, that's the whole
point of having higher level library.

> The notes from the help desk on srpersist say:
> "Before using `alloc-handle' to create a connection handle, you may
>  need to call `set-env-attr' with 'sql-attr-odbc-version and
> 'sql-ov-odbc3 as arguments."

Damn!, I knew I had to read the docs at some point. :-)

Could you please cvs update your copy of SchemeQL? I've just added the
setting of this attribute. (When you connect, if SrPersist was
compiled for a 3+ driver, it will create the environment handle, and
set the attribute upon connection to a data source.  I cannot test
this, though.)

Thanks, and HTH,