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Re: SchemeQL problem

"Chris Double" <chris@double.co.nz> writes:

> > Try schemeql out of CVS.
> >
> > (I'm the reason the problem is a known one.)
> Thanks, will do. I think I found the source of my original problem. If I do
> the following I get the same error as I reported with SchemeQL:
>  (require (lib "srpersist.ss" "srpersist"))
>  (alloc-handle 'sql-handle-dbc (alloc-handle 'sql-handle-env))
> => Unspecified error in alloc-handle

Here's some scaffolding I use to avoid those "unspecified" messages:

(define (srpersist-exn? exn)
  (or (exn-with-info? exn)
      (exn-need-data? exn)
      (exn-no-data? exn)
      (exn-invalid-handle? exn)
      (exn-error? exn) 
      (exn-still-executing? exn)))

(define (my-get-diag-rec exn handle no)
   ([(lambda (exn) (exn-no-data? exn))
     (lambda (exn) (printf "~a~n" (exn-message exn)))])
   (if (exn-with-info? exn)
       (printf "~a~n" (exn-with-info-val exn)))
   (printf "~a~n" (get-diag-rec handle no))))

(define (make-handler handle)
  (lambda (exn)
    (printf "~a~n" (exn-message exn))
    (my-get-diag-rec exn handle 1))) ;; I never get more than one.

(define (my-alloc-handle htype handle)  
  (let ((handler (make-handler handle)))
     ([srpersist-exn? handler])
     (alloc-handle htype handle))))

(define (my-connect hdbc dbms name password)
  (let ((handler (make-handler hdbc)))
     ([srpersist-exn? handler])
     (connect hdbc dbms name password))))

Now, I can do this:

> (require (lib "srpersist.ss" "srpersist"))
> (define x (alloc-handle 'sql-handle-env))
> (define hdbc (my-alloc-handle 'sql-handle-dbc x))
Unspecified error in alloc-handle
("HY010" 0 "[unixODBC][Driver Manager]Function sequence error")

Not that this makes me any wiser :-). But for other condtitions, it might.


Jon Kåre

Jon Kåre Hellan						Trondheim
Clustra AS						Norway