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Re: loading additional code

Hmph, please don't capitalize "You" in English writing. 
I assume that you're unfamiliar with netiquette (am I
just too old?) and I'll ignore it. 

Since you're a CS student, I figure you can read papers 
on this stuff. I recommend, in that order: 

1. ICFP 99: Flatt, Findler, Krishnamurthi and Felleisen 
   Programming Languages as Operating Systems 
   (or, Revenge of the Son of the Lisp Machine)

   explains how to build an extensible product in plt scheme. 

2. ESOP 2001: Graunke, Krishnamurthi, Van der Hoeven and Felleisen
   Programming the Web with High-Level Programming Languages

   explains how to build an extensible server with servlet 
   support using 1 (they are called cgi scripts, but ignore that)

3. ASE 2001: Graunke, Findler, Krishnamurthi, Felleisen. 
   Automatically Restructuring Programs for the Web 

   explains how to make money from free software :-)
   just kidding but ask me when you have read it what I mean 

They are all available from 

Then read the docs for the Scheme server in v200 alpha. Relative to your
installation use 


Alternative just look for web server in Help Desk. 

To start it, cd to 


and run
 $ ./web-server -p 8080 &

for a start. Then point your browser at http://localhost:8080/
We are aware of problems with this configuration that will be
eliminated for the 200 release (will remain imminent until further 
notice :().

Run some servlets as you desire. Use the xml library to get 
stuff like JSP, call it SSP, going. I recommend the syntax 

  <scheme>expressions ... </scheme>


 <splice>expressions ... </splice>

for now. 

And since you are a CS student, considering joining PLT as a PhD student
and make money over here. Matthew, Shriram, and I will happily entertain 

-- Matthias