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Re: objects, databases

On Sun, Jan 06, 2002 at 02:51:14PM -0500, Eli Barzilay wrote:
> On Jan  6, Wojciech Sobczuk wrote:
> > i'm thinking of using some object model.  either the mzscheme's
> > builtin one or swindle.  anyone using any of that?  any hints?
> Swinlde is an extreme modification to MzScheme -- it changes some
> syntax (like :keywords), lambda expressions (with CL's &rest &keys
> etc), let expressions, define expressions, set!'s etc etc etc, and
> then comes the the object system (which has, like CLOS, a really big
> part of macros).
> The bottom line of all that is that it will take some time to port it
> to v200.  (Actually there are many new features that makes it easier
> to implement in 200, but I need to find the time...)

i'm using 103 now.. hmm.. i understand i have to check the CVS out for the
latest version.  any significant changes to the class system in 200?  the one
in 1xx seems limited and hairy (or perhaps that's just me:), the first thing i
don't like is lack of multiple inheritance (or did i overlook something when
browsing the docs?).
and that's my main problem with it.  i'm going to be heavily utilising objects
so i need to be certain that the implementation won't stop me from doing so.

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