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Re: loading additional code

Please take a look at: 

 1. our web server, included with the 200 distribution
    Perhaps we can share work. We are happy to add code, too. 

 2. the Help Desk browser and how it generates content 
    dynamically with Scheme tags. 

 3. the xml collection. We may pretty soon provide you with 
    a way to write (I can do it already): 

    ; in page.ss
    (define (make-row tag) (lambda (x) `(,tag (td ,x))))
    (define my-page (xml "page.xml"))

    ; in page.xml: 
      <scheme>((make-row 'th) "hello world")</scheme>
      <splice>(map (make-row 'tr) '(a b c d ef))</splice>
    And yes, that Scheme can include more xml and so on. 

Putting 1 and 3 together you may get pretty close to JSPs already. 

Also, you really want to stick to solutions that don't break the standard
-- just in case you ever move on or you want to distribute it to others who
want to mesh your stuff with someone else's. It's easy to stay within xml 
and yet to get an elegant Scheme integration. 

-- Matthias