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Just received the Dr. Dobb's thing that I'm getting for some unknown
reason and never look at, except that this time the cover had
something on the LL workshop.  It was amusing and refreshing to read
about Perl being an unpopular subject for a change.  If anyone's
interested, it's also at
http://www.ddj.com/documents/s=2287/ddj0202a/0202a.htm (with a bonus
picture of Shriram looking pretty excited).

[BTW, it was funny that the on the cover,
http://www.ddj.com/articles/2002/0202/cover.gif, just above Sugalski's
picture, they have this background which is supposed to make you know
that this is for programmers -- so they have these color CD's with
titles of some languages: Python, C/C++, Java, Fortran, Tcl, Perl,
XML, and Mondrian (?) -- just in case you get paren poisoning from
page 24...]

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