Utah Team Wins Gold at Competition

February 8, 2017

A University of Utah team led by School of Computing assistant professor Zvonimir Rakamaric won three gold and a silver medal in the 6th International Competition on Software Verification.

In the competition, teams from around the world submited software tools designed to automatically find bugs in other software. A tool is awarded points for the bugs it finds. There were about 30 teams that competed this year. A summary of the results can be read here. https://sv-comp.sosy-lab.org/2017/results/results-verified/

“Our win is a result of great teamwork, each team member played a key role in our success,” said School of Computing doctoral student Shaobo He, who is a member of the team.

Team SMACK http://smackers.github.io/, which includes students from the University of Utah, competed in five categories and won three gold and a silver medal this year. U students on the team include: He, Montgomery Carter, Dietrich Geisler and Jiten Thakkar. The team also included members from Imperial College London, Microsoft Research and Bell Laboratories.

“While our SV-COMP team spans three continents and includes researchers from both academia and industry, the majority of the competition work was done by team members at the University of Utah,” said Rakamaric. “Our students worked especially hard over the past several months to improve SMACK, and their perseverance paid off.”

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