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Work-life balance comes naturally in Salt Lake City—residents enjoy staggering mountain vistas, unmatched outdoor recreation, and a robust arts and culture scene bolstered by a metro population of over 1 million people. When snow falls in this Winter Olympics town, beware the powder clause: professionals may jet from the office to the slopes for a few runs. Despite Utahns’ love for a powder-induced work break, our economy is one of the strongest. And Utah consistently ranks among the happiest, healthiest, most family-friendly, and most charitable states. It’s also the first state to receive three Michelin Stars due to its otherworldly landscapes.

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Skiing and Snowboarding

We boast the greatest snow on earth. Experience it at one of these four
resorts 30 minutes from campus, or visit to pick another one of Utah’s 14 options.


Mountain Biking

Sourced from our mountain-biking assistant professor Alex Lex.


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Food and Drinks

From the array of places you can find to eat on Professor Suresh
Venkatasubramanian’s dining map to the creative cocktail scene as covered in  ViceFood & Wine,
and Serious Eats, Salt Lake never falls short on fun places to eat and drink.



Religious diversity is more prominent than you may think in Salt Lake City.


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