Why Study Computing?

Hundreds of students study at the School of Computing. Why? Here are our top reasons for choosing to study at the School of Computing.

Computing is everywhere. Computers connect your calls and drive your car. They film movies and record music. They discover new medicines and design bridges. They help businesses understand their operations and help our government understand the problems people face. Studying computing gives you skills that will let you make a positive impact on many people’s lives in many different ways.

Computing is creative and collaborative. Computing rewards creativity and craftsmanship. There’s always space for new ideas and there’s always an opportunity to experiment. Computing problems are usually solved in teams, where different people with different skills can all contribute.

Computing is challenging and fun. Computing problems can be deep and multi-dimensional. They require imagination and sensitivity. Solving them requires design thinking, algorithmic thinking, user-focused thinking, architectural thinking, and systems thinking. Computing problems will expand your capabilities and broaden your perspective.

Computing is interdisciplinary. From business to medicine to the social and physical sciences, computing will provide you with foundational knowledge and a problem-solving approach that will help you succeed in other fields. Computing skills give you an advantage in almost any career.

Computing offers great opportunities. Computing jobs are offered by the most innovative companies. They also tend to be among the highest job satisfaction, the highest impact, and the highest pay. You can get computing jobs anywhere in the country and in almost every industry.