Teapot Rendering Competition 2019

January 3, 2020

Thirteen students with 13 beautiful images and met on December 10th to compete in the annual Teapot Rendering Competition. The competition, which is open to all students who have taken the Ray Tracing for Rendering (CS 6620) course and have written their own rendering software from scratch are allowed to compete. Students present their original scenes rendered with their own software, commemorating the famous Utah Teapot with dazzling visuals!

The rules of the competition are simple: the scenes must be original, they must include at least one visible Utah Teapot model, and the images must be rendered using student’s software. Students entering the competition are permitted to work with other individuals for preparing their scenes and the related artwork, but they must write the rendering software themselves.
This marks the 8th year of the competition, which is organized by Dr. Cem Yuksel.

Link to the winners 2019 Winners

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