SOC Faculty Named R&D Award Finalists

August 17, 2017

PRUNERS, a software project launched jointly by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, University of Utah, and RWTH Aachen, has been named a finalist in the 2017 “R&D 100 Awards.” From Utah, the project was led by University of Utah School of Computing professor Ganesh L. Gopalakrishnan and SOC assistant professor Zvonimir Rakamaric.

The PRUNERS (Providing Reproducibility on Ubiquitously Non-deterministic Environments and Runs) project provides tools that seek to locate and eliminate many sources of computer execution variability that, if left unchecked, can render results emerging from Extreme Scale computing platforms untrustworthy. It consists of four tools: one to identify programming errors at the message-matching (MPI) level; one for programming errors at the shared memory (OpenMP) level; a tool to systematically inject noise and accelerate testing; and another to check for numerical reproducibility across compilers and platforms. The Utah team played a significant role in the creation of two of these four tools, with active involvement from doctoral students Simone Atzeni and Michael Bentley, and research assistants Geof Sawaya and Ian Briggs.

The awards, sponsored by R&D Magazine, honors the year’s 100 most innovative technologies. The winners will be announced during the annual R&D 100 Conference in Tampa, Florida, on Nov. 17. The finalists were chosen by a panel of more than 50 judges representing research and development leaders in a variety of fields. The awards are given to the top innovations in five categories: Analytical/Test, IT/Electrical, Mechanical Devices/Materials, Process/Prototyping, and Software/Services.

The complete list of finalists can be found here.

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