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6.10 Blue Boxes Utilities🔗

The scribble/blueboxes provides access to the content of the “blue boxes” that describe some module’s export (but without any styling).


(fetch-blueboxes-strs tag 
  [#:blueboxes-cache blueboxes-cache]) 
  (or/c #f (non-empty-listof string?))
  tag : tag?
  blueboxes-cache : blueboxes-cache? = (make-blueboxes-cache #t)
Returns a list of strings that show the content of the blue box (without any styling information) for the documentation referenced by tag.

The first string in the list describes the export (e.g. "procedure" when defproc is used, or "syntax" when defform was used to document the export).


  [#:blueboxes-cache blueboxes-cache]) 
  (listof method-tag?)
  method-name : symbol?
  blueboxes-cache : blueboxes-cache? = (make-blueboxes-cache #t)
Returns the list of tags for all methods that are documented in the documentation in blueboxes-cache.

Added in version 1.11 of package scribble-lib.


(make-blueboxes-cache populate? 
  [#:blueboxes-dirs blueboxes-dirs]) 
  populate? : boolean?
  blueboxes-dirs : (listof path?) = (get-doc-search-dirs)
Constructs a new (mutable) blueboxes cache.

If populate? is #f, the cache is initially unpopulated, in which case it is filled in the first time the cache is passed to fetch-bluebxoes-strs. Otherwise, the cache is populated immediately.

The blueboxes-dirs argument is a list of directories that are looked inside for "blueboxes.rktd" files. The default value is only an approximation for where those files usually reside. See also get-rendered-doc-directories.


(blueboxes-cache? v)  boolean?

  v : any/c
Determines if v is a blueboxes cache.