4 Scribbling Documentation🔗

The scribble/manual language and associated libraries provide extensive support for documenting Racket libraries. The most significant aspect of support for documentation is the way that source-code bindings are connected to documentation sites through the module namespace—a connection that is facilitated by the fact that Scribble documents are themselves modules that reside in the same namespace. Getting Started with Documentation provides an introduction to using Scribble for documentation, and the remaining sections document the relevant libraries and APIs in detail.

    4.1 Getting Started with Documentation

      4.1.1 Setting Up Library Documentation

      4.1.2 Racket Typesetting and Hyperlinks

      4.1.3 Section Hyperlinks

      4.1.4 Defining Racket Bindings

      4.1.5 Showing Racket Examples

      4.1.6 Multi-Page Sections

    4.2 Manual Forms

      4.2.1 Typesetting Code #lang-Specified Code Racket Code Preserving Comments Code Fonts and Styles

      4.2.2 Documenting Modules

      4.2.3 Documenting Forms, Functions, Structure Types, and Values

      4.2.4 Documenting Classes and Interfaces

      4.2.5 Documenting Signatures

      4.2.6 Various String Forms

      4.2.7 Links

      4.2.8 Indexing

      4.2.9 Bibliography

      4.2.10 Version History

      4.2.11 Miscellaneous

      4.2.12 Index-Entry Descriptions

      4.2.13 Manual Rendering Style

    4.3 Racket

    4.4 Evaluation and Examples

      4.4.1 Legacy Evaluation

    4.5 In-Source Documentation

      4.5.1 Source Annotations for Documentation

      4.5.2 Extracting Documentation from Source

    4.6 BNF Grammars

    4.7 Compatibility Libraries

      4.7.1 Compatibility Structures And Processing

      4.7.2 Compatibility Basic Functions