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This is an installation-specific listing. Running raco docs (or Racket Documentation on Windows or Mac OS) may open a different page with local and user-specific documentation, including documentation for installed packages. Searching or following a “top” link will go to a different starting point that includes user-specific information. [Go to user-specific start] [Forget user-specific start]

Getting Started

Racket Cheat Sheet



  Quick: An Introduction to Racket with Pictures

  Continue: Web Applications in Racket

  More: Systems Programming with Racket


Racket Language and Core Libraries

  The Racket Guide

  The Racket Reference


  Package Management in Racket

  The Racket Drawing Toolkit

  The Racket Graphical Interface Toolkit

  The Racket Foreign Interface

  Scribble: The Racket Documentation Tool

  DrRacket: The Racket Programming Environment

  raco: Racket Command-Line Tools


  How to Program Racket: a Style Guide



  How to Design Programs

  How to Design Programs Languages

  How to Design Programs Teachpacks


  Essentials of Programming Languages Language

  Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation

  Picturing Programs Teachpack

  Sprachebenen und Material zu Schreibe Dein Programm!


Other Languages in the Racket Environment

  The Typed Racket Guide

  The Typed Racket Reference

  R6RS: Scheme

  Datalog: Deductive Database Programming




  Web Applications in Racket


  Futures Visualizer

  PLaneT: Automatic Package Distribution

  Redex: Practical Semantics Engineering

  Scribble as Preprocessor

  Slideshow: Figure and Presentation Tools

  Web Server: HTTP Server


  DrRacket Plugins


  DrRacket Tools


GUI and Graphics Libraries

  Framework: Racket GUI Application Framework

  Pict: Functional Pictures

  Pict Snip: Build Snips from Picts


  Browser: Simple HTML Rendering

  Cards: Virtual Playing Cards Library

  Embedded GUI: Widgets Within Editors

  Games: Fun Examples

  GL Board Game: 3-D Game Support


  Plot: Graph Plotting

  Turtle Graphics

  MrLib: Extra GUI Libraries

  GL: 3-D Graphics

  String Constants: GUI Internationalization

  Syntax Color: Utilities


Network Libraries

  Distributed Places

  OpenSSL: Secure Communication

  SASL: Simple Authentication and Security Layer

  Net: Networking Libraries

  Windows Native SSL: Secure Communication

  Mac OS Native SSL: Secure Communication

  Unix Domain Sockets


Parsing Libraries

  HTML: Parsing Library


  Parser Tools: lex and yacc-style Parsing

  File: Racket File and Format Libraries

  XML: Parsing and Writing


Tool Libraries

  Dynext: Running a C Compiler/Linker

  Expeditor: Terminal Expression Editor

  Macro Debugger: Inspecting Macro Expansion

  Make: Dependency Manager

  Readline: Terminal Interaction

  Errortrace: Debugging and Profiling

  Trace: Instrumentation to Show Function Calls

  SLaTeX Wrapper

  Source Syntax

  Test Support

  Version: Racket Version Checking

  XREPL: eXtended REPL


Low-Level APIs

  Inside: Racket C API



  MzCOM: Racket as a Windows COM Object


DrRacket Plugins

  Quickscript, a scripting plugin for DrRacket


Data Structures

  Data: Data Structures



  DB: Database Connectivity


Logic programming

  Racklog: Prolog-Style Logic Programming


Math and Science

  Math Library


Performance Tools

  Optimization Coach

  Profile: Statistical Profiler

  Contract Profiling


Scribble Libraries

  Scriblib: Extra Scribble Libraries


Syntax Extensions

  2D Syntax

  Syntax: Meta-Programming Helpers



  RackUnit: Unit Testing


Miscellaneous Libraries

  SRFIs: Libraries


  Cookies: HTTP State Management

  Reading Writing ".DS_Store" Files

  Bug Reporting

  Help and Documentation Utilities

  Implementing HtDP Teachpacks, Libraries, and Customized Teaching Languages

  Package Management GUI Libraries


  Option Contracts

  GUI ".plt" Installer

  Simple Tree Text Markup: Simple Markup for Display as Text or in GUI

  The Stepper

  DrRacket Version Tool


Experimental Languages and Libraries

  FrTime: A Language for Reactive Programs

  Lazy Racket


  Algol 60


Legacy Languages and Libraries

  R5RS: Legacy Scheme

  Scheme: Compatibility Libraries and Executables


  Compatibility: Features from Racket Relatives

  MysterX: Legacy Support for Windows COM

  MzScheme: Legacy Language

  mzpp and mztext: Preprocessors

  MzLib: Legacy Libraries

  Graphics: Legacy Library