3 C Types🔗

C types are the main concept of the FFI, either primitive types or user-defined types. The FFI deals with primitive types internally, converting them to and from C types. A user type is defined in terms of existing primitive and user types, along with conversion functions to and from the existing types.

    3.1 Type Constructors

    3.2 Numeric Types

    3.3 Other Atomic Types

    3.4 String Types

      3.4.1 Primitive String Types

      3.4.2 Fixed Auto-Converting String Types

      3.4.3 Variable Auto-Converting String Type

      3.4.4 Other String Types

    3.5 Pointer Types

    3.6 Function Types

      3.6.1 Custom Function Types

    3.7 C Struct Types

    3.8 C Array Types

    3.9 C Union Types

    3.10 Enumerations and Masks