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3.3 Other Atomic Types🔗


_stdbool : ctype?

The _stdbool type represents the C99 bool type from <stdbool.h>. Going from Racket to C, _stdbool translates #f to a 0 bool and any other value to a 1 bool. Going from C to Racket, _stdbool translates 0 to a #f and any other value to #t.

Added in version of package base.


_bool : ctype?

Like _stdbool, but with an int representation on the C side, reflecting one of many traditional (i.e., pre-C99) encodings of booleans.


_void : ctype?

Indicates a Racket #<void> return value, and it cannot be used to translate values to C. This type cannot be used for function inputs.