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Re: [plt-scheme] schemeunit and require-library

There is a somewhat sparsely documented but easy-to-use
packing-procedure named 'pack-collections' (hurray).

   <name>                          <--- purpose?
   (<collection> ...)              
   (<extra-setup-collection> ...)) <--- purpose?

The following little mzscheme-sript packages the schemeunit-files.
Just copy it into a file named, uh, 'schemeunit-packer.ss' and tell
your bash:

#! c:/bin/plt/mzscheme -qr

;; Package directories 
;; - collects/schemeunit and
;; - collects/doc/schemeunit
;; into file schemeunit-package.plt

(require (lib "pack.ss" "setup"))
(pack-collections "schemeunit-package.plt" 
                  '(("schemeunit") ("doc" "schemeunit"))
                  '() )

Or, alternatively, execute those two commands inside the

Some questions on my side:
- How can I uninstall a collection automatically?
- What's the highlevel-installing-command, since 'run-installer'
doesn't load:
    (require (lib "plt-installer.ss" "setup"))
    => dynamic-require: unknown module: #%mred-kernel
- When installing a .plt-file: How can I setup a procedure that is
invoked after all files are moved to their correct locations? The
procedure shall do further installation-work (compiling an extension).
- How can I check the contents of a .plt-file and install part
of it into arbitrary directories?