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Re: [plt-scheme] schemeunit and require-library

This is a bug in my packaging and documentation of
SchemeUnit 1.1.  Sorry about that.  The correct layout
is the one Seb suggests:

 +-- schemeunit
 +-- doc
     +-- schemeunit

Now for some griping.  Sourceforge is a PITA to upload
files to, as is testing my packages are correct (I
have to move my dev version, unpack, check, erase,
move dev back).  I have a script to package SchemeUnit
but it obviously doesn't work.  My script is:

  # ./make-schemeunit version
 ~/projects/plt/bin/mzc --collection-plt
schemeunit-$1.plt schemeunit doc/schemeunit

My question: How can I get this script to work, or
alternatively how can I MzUnTar a .plt to check what
my script has done (without installing the package)?

I'll fix the documentation, change the require
statements so they don't use the (lib ...) form for
local files and maybe fold in some improvement (Don's
line number stuff and optional messages to assert
statements) if we can get the packaging question
sorted out.


--- "Jose A. Ortega Ruiz" <jaortega@acm.org> wrote:
> hi,
> sorry, forget my previous mail. the
> (require (lib "test.ss" "schemeunit" "schemeunit"))
> trick does *not* work because schemunit's ss files
> contain 'require'
> forms that reference collects/schemeunit.
> so, sebastian's is the right way to do it!
> regards,
> jao

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