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Re: [plt-scheme] schemeunit and require-library

At Mon, 20 May 2002 18:41:03 +0200, Sebastian H Seidel wrote:
> - How can I uninstall a collection automatically?

Not supported, yet. (On my list, along with versioning.)

> - What's the highlevel-installing-command, since 'run-installer'
> doesn't load:
>     (require (lib "plt-installer.ss" "setup"))
>     => dynamic-require: unknown module: #%mred-kernel

I'll fix the documentation to clarify that "plt-installer.ss" depends
on MrEd. I'll look into adding a non-GUI version, too.

Meanwhile, one possibility is to run Setup PLT via "setup-unit.ss", and
give it the archive names via `current-command-line-arguments'.

> - When installing a .plt-file: How can I setup a procedure that is
> invoked after all files are moved to their correct locations? The
> procedure shall do further installation-work (compiling an extension).

Include an "info.ss" in the collection that defines
`install-collection'. Search for "install-collection" in Help Desk for
more info.

I'll add something about this to the "creating distribution archives"
section in the mzc manual.

> - How can I check the contents of a .plt-file and install part
> of it into arbitrary directories?

Tricky. The .plt format is completely defined in
plt/collects/setup/doc.txt, so anything's possible. But nothing makes
this easy right now.

If you're interested in trying to extend the current unpacker, start
with plt/collects/setup/unpack.ss.