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Port of SSAX/SXML to Scheme 48 and PLT 200 available

This announces the availability of yet another port of SSAX/SXML,
namely to Scheme 48/scsh and the upcoming PLT Scheme 200.  It's
available in the files area of the ssax SourceForge project at


There are several attributes which distinguish this port from others:

- I've ported the core part of SSAX/SXML to vanilla R5RS Scheme,
  moving all system-dependent code to separate files.

- I've rewritten some of the system-specific code in R5RS Scheme.

- Where necessary, I've provided Scheme-48-specific/PLT-specific
  versions of the system-dependent code.

- I've written module declarations for Scheme 48 and PLT.  In
  particular, the Scheme 48 code uses functors, and the PLT code uses
  units to parameterize over input parsing, error messages and
  warnings and thus makes the code configurable.

I haven't ported every single test, but those that I have ported all
pass, so I'm reasonably sure the port is correct.

Ideally, all the other ports would now be redone in a similar way.
I've done some work towards doing this for the original Gambit-C port,
but haven't finished it.

I'd like to thank Oleg for putting up the file (besides writing this
excellent stuff in the first place), and writing a readme file.  He
and I are planning to merge up the near future; I'm looking forward to

Cheers =8-} Mike
Friede, Völkerverständigung und überhaupt blabla