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Case-sensitivity of PLT web server


IMHO, it would be a very important improvement if PLT Web server will be 
started in case-sensitive mode "out of the box".

XML is a case-sensitive language, and using Scheme with case-insensitive reader
is a reason for lot of unnecessary troubles for XML/Scheme applications.

Another example of unnecessary troubles: servlet's attempt to use upper-case SSAX 
bindings from Neil Van Dyke's package leads to a reference to undefined
(lowercased!) identifier.

For a while I'm looking for _simplest_ (suitable for mass deployment) way to
switch web server in case-sensitive mode under Windows. Any ideas?

BTW: For UNIX (where 'web-server' is a script) solution is straightforward:
just add mzscheme's -g switch ('-qgmvL-' instead of '-qmvL-') in this script.

Best regards, 
          Kirill Lisovsky.