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60 Million Emails inc. 600,000 UK $30, 30 Euros, 20 . svery

Bulk Email CD just US$30, or 30 Euros, or 20 sterling  inc. postage and contains:

60 Million World wide email addresses in text format.
600,000 Verified UK email addresses

The email addresses have been split and sorted, with seperate easily indentifiable files for each country, and major domains.

TO PURCHASE: Please send either a Cheque/Worldwide Money Order/Travellers Cheque; Payable to "Teletech" for either US$30 or 30 Euros or 20 sterling to:

Office 434
405 kings Rd
London SW10 OBB
United kingdom

The CD has simple instuctions and will be sent by first class post as soon as your money has been received.

Please Remember to supply a perfectly readable return address.