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Re: SXML->XML in ssax or CDATA-like in (l?)xml


On Fri, 5 Apr 2002, MJ Ray wrote:

> My first thought was to use the new ssax, but we don't seem to have a
> serialiser to XML string-data yet.  Did I miss something?
CDATA is supported in SSAX. 
For SXML->XML please drop a look at

> Trying to use the xml collection instead, I ran into the problem that I want
> to pass some character data straight through without interpreting it.  Yes,
> I know this can break XML well-formedness, but there are cases where I don't
> want to parse and reserialise existing data.  I couldn't see a way to do
> this.  Did I miss something?  Would I hit the same problem with ssax?
SSAX is not just an XML parser, it is also functional framework which may be used 
to build a specilized parser which suits your needs. 

In particular, it may be used for parsing of "XML" documents which are not 
well-formed at all!

You may consider Oleg's permissive parser for broken HTML as an example:

> Now off to take a look at the ssax-xlink...
BTW: SXLink is another example of specialized parser constructed using SSAX.

Best regards,