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Re: SXML->XML in ssax or CDATA-like in (l?)xml

> Hello!

Hi Kirill.  Thanks for answering.

> CDATA is supported in SSAX. 

I know.

> For SXML->XML please drop a look at
> http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_id=511889&forum_id=599

Is there nothing in the basic library itself to do this already?  I know I
*can* assemble it myself, but I'll probably make some subtle error and it
seems such a basic task that it should be in the distribution already.

> In particular, it may be used for parsing of "XML" documents which are not 
> well-formed at all!

I'm aware of that, but I'd rather not do any parsing of content that's going
to be passed through for this particular project.  In other settings, I
guess having a "lazy XML" parser would be good for handling the RSS files
people create, so we don't lose their content when they good.  Be
conservative in what you produce, but permissive in what you accept, as they

For now, I'm working around this problem by parsing in with the xml
collection (as I know the string going through is well-formed, because I'm
forming it elsewhere), but I feel that it would be good to move to SSAX so
that I get experience with it.