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SXML->XML in ssax or CDATA-like in (l?)xml

Hi all,

Trying to convert some existing web site into being produced by MzScheme. 
I'd appreciate your help with the following problems.

My first thought was to use the new ssax, but we don't seem to have a
serialiser to XML string-data yet.  Did I miss something?

Trying to use the xml collection instead, I ran into the problem that I want
to pass some character data straight through without interpreting it.  Yes,
I know this can break XML well-formedness, but there are cases where I don't
want to parse and reserialise existing data.  I couldn't see a way to do
this.  Did I miss something?  Would I hit the same problem with ssax?

Now off to take a look at the ssax-xlink...