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SWIG - Automatic wrapper generation for C to Scheme

I have just found SWIG. It is a utility that automagically generates C
stubs for a variety of languages. It has been discussed before on this
list (a year ago) and everybody seemed to agree that it would be a
good a idea to write support for mzscheme. Since then somebody
actually went ahead and did it. (The somebody is Oleg Tolmatcev;
the code is now maintained by Matthias Koeppe.)

This is partly to pass a long the good message (I couldn't find any
mentioning if this on the list archive) and partly to see if anybody
have used it? Any success or failure?

The examples compiles nicely with mzscheme103; I have not tried 20x yet.
Have there been any changes in version 200 that could break such
wrapper code?

The support for mzscheme is in SWIG version 1.3.

Jens Axel Søgaard