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modules & extensions

Using the bitmatrix.c example with 200alpha15, I tried the following:
   compiled the extension (on Windows 2k) with mzc

   wrote a little module:

(module bitmatrix
(load-extension "bitmatrix.dll")
(provide make-bit-matrix))

which fails with an error saying that make-bit-matrix is not
defined.  This naive approach is not the way to do it...
Do I define a module in the C code and then require it
in the Scheme module?

What I'd like is to be able to define some primitives in
C (specifically a BLAS/LAPACK/FFTW interface) and then
use an Mzscheme module to handle all of the implementation
details while hiding the access to the C library.  This is
part of a little experiment in using Mzscheme for numerics.

For the record, the bitmatrix.c example also causes an
application error when loaded.  Did something change in the