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Re: [shootout] echo.scm + Question concerning the implementation of thread

At Sat, 30 Mar 2002 17:13:01 +0100, Jens_Axel_Søgaard wrote:
> The documentation of threads in mzscheme states that the
> implementation depends on the platform. Does that mean that mzscheme
> use a single thread on Windows and mulitple under Linux?

The implementation no longer depends on the platform, much. Long ago,
MzScheme threads could map to multiple OS-level threads, but that's no
longer the case (because it was too broken, and too difficult to fix).

The only platform-specific part is when threads are swapped. When timer
signals are available, they're used to determine when a thread should
be swapped out, otherwise the run-time system decrements a counter in
the main eval--apply loop. (I think only Mac OS classic still uses the
manual counter.)